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Cyanobacteria Monitoring Collaborative 2021 virtual mini-conference | March 23-24, 2021

Cyanobacteria Monitoring Collaborative Mini-conference | virtual event | March 23-24, 2021

The Cyanobacteria Monitoring Collaborative will hold a virtual mini-conference/workshop from 10am to 5pm on March 23-24, 2021.

This event is brought to you by the Cyanobacteria Monitoring Collaborative, UNH Cooperative Extension, UNH Department of Biological Sciences, the US Environmental Protection Agency Region 1 Laboratory, and PhycoTech, Inc.

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  • Conference sessions will be held from 1pm to 5pm (Eastern) on March 23rd and March 24th.
  • A taxonomic workshop will be held from 10am to 1pm (Eastern) on March 23rd and March 24th.
  • Attendees can attend any combination of events on one or both days


  • Techniques for cyanobacteria prevention and management
  • Effects of cyanobacteria on human health
  • Upgrades to the bloomWatch app and data exploration tools
  • Detection and monitoring of cyanobacteria blooms
  • Effects of environmental conditions on cyanobacteria
  • Regional success stories
  • Communication of risk related to cyanobacteria

Detailed Session Schedule


  • Workshop on cyanobacteria identification & enumeration methods

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  • Participants will attend the conference remotely via Zoom
  • There is no cost to attend the general conference sessions (1-5pm on both days)
  • There is a fee of $50 per day to attend the morning taxonomic workshop (10am-1pm on both days, you can choose to attend either session or both)
  • No matter which combination of events you plan to attend, you should register using the link below.
  • If you plan to attend the morning workshop on one or both days, you will be provided additional information soon after you register about how you can pay for the workshop sessions you plan to attend.

Register to attend the conference/workshops


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