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Cyanobacteria-related job opportunity | State Specialist / Extension Professor in Water Quality and Freshwater Ecotoxicology at UNH

The University of New Hampshire is currently seeking a State Specialist / Extension Professor in Water Quality and Freshwater Ecotoxicology.

The position is housed in the Natural Resources Program Team at UNH Cooperative Extension (80%) and in the UNH Department of Biological Sciences (20%). Among other tasks, this person will direct the NH Lakes Lay Monitoring Program and teach one academic course per year.

Key requirements:
> experience with lake/stream sampling, equipment use, laboratory analysis/management
> experience with Cyanobacteria ecology, toxicology, and/or monitoring techniques

> excellence in teaching and presenting scientific information to a range of audiences
> Ph.D. in Freshwater Ecology/Ecotoxicology or a closely related discipline

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