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Harmful Algal and Cyanobacterial Bloom Program Coordinator

Cyanobacteria-related job opportunity | Harmful Algal Bloom Program Coordinator

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services is currently seeking a Coordinator for their Harmful Algal Bloom program.

This person will supervise the NH Department of Environmental Services Watershed Management Bureau’s Harmful Algal Bloom Program located in Concord, NH. Applications will be accepted until February 25, 2022. (note: search for “harmful algal bloom” in “job title” box)

Key requirements:
Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university with major study in biology, zoology, limnology, environmental science, or a closely related biological sciences field. Each additional year of approved formal education may be substituted for one year of required work experience.
Six years’ experience as an Environmental Engineer, Environmentalist or biologist in the field of macroinvertebrate taxonomy, stream ecology, limnology, fisheries biology or a closely related biological sciences field, two years of which shall have involved supervisory duties as well as the preparation of various environmental documents, legal briefs or related research.

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(note: search for “harmful algal bloom” in “job title” box)