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Help make bloomWatch the best it can be: become a Beta tester for the new version

Help make bloomWatch the best it can be: become a Beta tester for the new version

As the bloomWatch app is increasingly relied upon as part of the national response to address inland harmful algal blooms, a new version of the app is under development.

The Cyanobacteria Monitoring Collaborative and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are seeking beta testers for this soon-to-be-released version of the app. People participating in the beta program will have a front row seat to the new bloomWatch app and will have a chance to provide direct feedback to the app developers. Your input is invaluable to us, and the broader the spectrum of users the better!

The beta period is over.
Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

While the content collected by the new version is the same as the current version (4.7), the look and feel is somewhat different. The new app is being developed with Survey123, which will provide numerous behind-the-scenes improvements, including easier integration of bloom reports with national data systems, as well as, an automated method to notify relevant agencies of reports submitted inside their jurisdiction.

Beta testing for the new version of the bloomWatch app will run from August 21st to September 22nd (2023),  concluding with a virtual meeting September 28th and/or quick survey to collect the suggestions and comments of people participating in the program. No prior beta testing or bloomWatch experience necessary to participate in this program (although we’d love to have current bloomWatch users participate).

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